Why Choose Us?

We Can Help

Investment Brothers is a company that is designed to help Homeowners with their circumstances due to Job-Loss, Divorces, inheritances and other Financial Crises. Is your mortgage company calling you daily? We can help! We work with Mortgage Companies to help the process, so you’re not getting harassed.

Interior or Exterior

If you have a home that is in distressed and that needs repair, give us a call. Interior, Exterior repairs give us a call - Does your yard need a strong Curb-Appeal? We can make your yard shine!

Who We Are

We are Fathers/Grandfathers and “life” happens to all of us. We are two Bothers who have had our share of life issues just like you. Collectively we have 10 Kids/Stepkids and 18 Grandkids. We are familiar with the Columbia area - we have been here for over 20 years. We are Gamecocks and have families just like you. 
We are interested in talking with you about “your” Real Estate issues! We want to see if we can help to solve your problems… we will listen to you and see if we can help. 
Our desire is to work together with you to discover your goals! Things happen everyday and we have all been there. Allow us to have the opportunity to help you with those goals. 

Sonny Pagán Owner

Looking for experienced and affordable agency to develop your next project?